Research Incubator

Inspiration behind the Product

India produces approximately 350,000 engineers every year. A huge percentage of these come from institutions which do not have the magic three letters behind their name. Given the fact that a huge number of engineers graduate with just academic knowledge, they are unable to hit the ground running to compete in the global scenario. Much of this gap is caused by an inherent lack of excellent, innovative scientists, teachers and researchers. It is indeed a point of great concern that we produce an abysmally low number of PhDs (7,000 PhDs in various sciences and a paltry 700+ in engineering) as a country. If India has to be technologically strong, the quality and quantity of research must go up exponentially. In fact, strong science and engineering PhD programs are precisely the catalysts for the amazing growth of countries like USA, Germany, Japan and China.

It is our belief that the love for science arises at a very young age and that is why is important to create and sustain a research platform at every level of education, be it high school, under-grad or graduate school.

We consult to Universities, Colleges, Test Prep Institutions and Schools on integrating research into their education platforms and improving the research potential and output.

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Research Papers helps students hone their problem solving skills and research aptitude while enhancing their profile. It helps students crack better Universities for higher education and have a better shot at landing jobs, scholarships and assistant-ships

The Research Incubator

Research Incubator is a critical cog in building a research ambiance in any Institution/University. It is a process that is designed to help students write papers of repute within a fixed time frame. With the support of a strong IT platform, students take the help of Science Communicators (from Accendere) and Faculty Mentors (from the host university) to undertake research as a credit course.



The process encourages students to undertake inter disciplinary projects. The students do their own research, Accendere provides the platform and mentor-ship.

The entire concept is built on a fundamental ideal of being able to build honest research capabilities. We emphasize on plagiarism free research.

Why the Research Incubator

We believe that research cannot be forced onto anyone. Especially not top down. Rather than pushing faculty to do research as is the current trend in our country, it is easier and more beneficial to motivate students to undertake research and the faculty can use this as a platform to carry out their pet projects.

  • Professional Approach to Research – Corporates  have been doing it for ages, there is no reason academics and students cannot.
  • There are four things that are the foundation to our research incubator process:
    • Curiosity – Students are fundamentally curious, we just need to channelize them.
    • Innovation – Inspire and Appreciate Innovation
    • Mentoring – Every student needs the right mentor
    • Ethics – We provide an ethical research solution. We believe in intrinsic intelligence of individuals, a platform is all that is needed to build a research aptitude.

International Rankings

Research is considered as a critical component of the evaluations of intuitions. Some ranking give upto 90% weight-age for the same.

Another major parameter considered is the H index. The H index basically allow us to evaluate the quality of your researchers mathematically. The Research Incubator has a natural way to improving the H-index.



Importance of RI at your Institution

As the University Grants Commission points out, if you teach you are engineering college, if you teach well you are a good engineering college but if you aspire to be an University, you must do research.

Whether you are an Engineering college who aspires to do better or a University who wishes to be the best globally, the Research Incubator is sure to assist you on your journey.

This single initiative can catapult us to the top. Instead of working piecemeal on various aspects, the RI helps us build a research ambience which will allow us to publish papers, win competitions, file patents, project our students for better placements, get funded projects and develop prototypes with a single silver bullet.

Delivery Scheme

  • Details of the kind of personnel – The process will involve the presence of one of Accendere’s senior consultants and Science Communicators (full time deployment depending on the key areas of research identified) on campus.
  • Process execution – There are three key aspects that would need to be identified and addressed to encourage faculty resource.
    1. Training and Deployment: We meet with the faculty, deans and hods to work out the various synergies.
    2. Entrance Exam: Students are made to undertake an intensive exam which they must crack to enroll in the project. This allows us to take only motivated students.
    3. Project Allocation: Students are teamed up and are helped to identify a research project and begin on their project.
    4. Online Tracking : All faculty, deans and management official have access to the Accendere IT software which allows them track the progress of the students across the various steps.
    5. Paper Submission and Follow Up – One the project is done, Accendere helps the student identify the right journal and helps them prepare for the journal submission.
  • Our expertise in the field with examples – All our researchers and consultants have extensive experience with grant writing. Dr.Shiva has published over 50 papers in international journals over the last few years. Other researchers in the company have extensive experience in publishing and research. Accendere has helped one of our clients produce around 600 papers over one year.

Our Clients

We are currently working with Top Universities in India mainly in the cities of Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore