Research Incubator

Inspiration behind the Product

India produces approximately 1.5 million engineers every year. To compete in global scenario, India has to be technologically strong; the quality and quantity of research must rise exponentially. We consult to Universities, Colleges and Test Prep Institutions on integrating research into their educational platforms and improving the research potential and output.
Research Incubator is a critical cog in building a research ambiance in any Institution/University. It is a process that is designed to help students write papers of repute within a fixed timeframe. With the support of a strong IT platform, students take the help of Science Communicators (from Accendere) and Faculty Mentors (from the host university) to undertake research as a credit course.

Importance of RI at your institution

As the University Grants Commission points out, if a college aspires to be a globally renowned University, then it must encourage research among students and the Research Incubator assists the university to be one of a kind.

This single initiative can catapult us to the top. Instead of working piecemeal on various aspects, the RI helps us build a research ambience which will allow us to publish papers, win competitions, file patents, project our students for better placements, get funded projects and develop prototypes with a single silver bullet.

Industry-Academia Collaboration

Worldwide Academia Industry Network (WAIN) is an open innovation platform for creating linkages between academia and industry and Corporations to collaborate in Research and Innovation, Academia-Industry Development Programs, Skills Development, Project-based and Strategic Partnerships. This platform uniquely brings together all stakeholders of an innovation ecosystem such as youth, academic professionals, industry professionals, policy makers and investors to enable the creation of valuable services such as funding, fellowships and sponsorships, mentoring, business and research incubation, talent identification and intellectual property management.

All our researchers have extensive experience with grant writing. Dr. Shiva has published over 50 papers in international journals over the last few years. Other researchers in the company have extensive experience in publishing and research. Accendere has helped one of our clients produce around 17,000 papers till now.