Concept Paper

The core functionality of Knowledge Management is based on Concept Research Experience and it helps to create a structure that encourages the dispersion of Innovation while maintaining the core of learning. The integration of ‘Learning with Research’ in the Universities’ Curriculum is therefore an essential step towards realizing this goal.

The concept paper is a document that is written by a student group that describes an innovative concept. It explores work done by past researchers in the field and gives the author’s opinion on the future ahead in addition to innovative ideas in building working prototypes.

The Concept Paper Process

Accendere conducts Knowledge Sessions at its Centres or Universities which exist across multiple locations in India.

  • Students are formed into groups according to their choice, having 2-3 students in each group.
  • Groups are exposed to 3 sessions of contemporary topics that expose the student to cutting edge research.
  • They choose one of the topics projected, or any other related to their field of interest. The research groups are exposed to recent papers that have been written in the field of their choice, and taught the essentials of paper writing.
  • They come up with a 500 words non-plagiarized note that describes their future work in the paper.
  • The paper is sent to a suitable conference identified by Accendere where it may be accepted after full paper submission. The time frame for this stage is around 60 days.
  • The students write full paper that needs to be ready by the time the conference is held.

Traq-R is a product of Accendere to track the progress of students which has 7 stages; they are exploratory lecture, topic identification, literature survey, research design/review, drafts, journal/conference identification and submission, and status and acceptance of research paper. It is monitored in real time by all stakeholders using our software.


What is a Conference?

A conference is a meeting, often lasting a few days, which is organized on a particular subject or to bring together groups of eminent Researchers/Scientists from around the world to share their research work and have intellectual connects. Every conference has a theme associated with the researchers’ domain of expertise.

On what basis does Accendere target conferences? Does Accendere has any understanding with the people associated regarding acceptance process?

Accendere believes in purely ethical research. We target conferences based on the quality of output produced by the student. Our experts given their years of experience in the field are able to identify where a potential paper may be published, and communicate it accordingly.
We have no prior agreements with conferences. Selections happen purely on the basis of merit.

What are the additional costs associated with this initiative?

There are 2 additional costs associated with this:

  • Conference registration expenses:International Conferences outside India can be INR 32, 000- INR 39, 000.International Conferences within India can be INR 5, 000- INR 10, 000.

    National Conferences in India may charge INR 500- INR 3000.

  • Travel and associated expenses: You would be given a choice on whether we need to target conferences abroad or in India. Expenses associated with this would include flights/trains and living costs for around 3 days.

How research papers help students in admissions?

All universities in the world invite applicants that rank highly on Innovation. Universities in India are also looking at Research in a big way. Previously, universities projected their placement statistics to show their caliber but the modern trend to measure the value of a university is by its research quotient. This is the reason why, now a days, you would hear phrases like ‘A Research and Innovation Driven University.’