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Learning with Research

It is said that the only constant in the world is ‘Change’. The young minds of our country need to cope with an environment that is changing so fast that; on ground scenarios morph even before they become a part of mainstream education. Our means of learning therefore must adapt to a fast changing environment. Examining the trends of the past, must not only give us a fair bet of the future but also enable us towards influencing it. The core functionality of Knowledge Management therefore is to create a structure that encourages the dispersion of Innovation while maintaining the core of learning. The integration of ‘Learning with Research’ in the School Curriculum’ is therefore an essential step towards realizing this goal. The Concept Paper experience is designed to give the users a snapshot of the prospective careers by giving them a forum filled with the best minds in the field.

Need of the Hour

Sample a learning day from the eyes of a child in school. The day is filled with classroom hours in which the child is expected to cram as much information in as possible, and reproduce the same with as close a level of perfect reproducibility as possible. For example, One second is the time that elapses during 9,192,631,770 (9.192631770 x 109) cycles of the radiation produced by the transition between two levels of the cesium 133 atom. What would be important in the definition above is the way in which a second is measured, and why that would be a great way of measuring it. Instead of learning, and exploring the thought behind this; the child is more caught up in learning the number 9,192,631,770!! Extrapolate this across hundreds of definitions, and multiple point answers….. What we end up with is training our children to become excellent photocopy machines. They never get the freedom to explore their interest, love science for what it is; and potentially contribute to the field themselves. If your country has a lot of product development companies a la Apple/Samsung/Facebook; that gives you a great indicator for the encouragement given to innovation. These are the names that can change the way the industry operates! inc1
Can your Child start the New One???

The Question you need to ask yourself

Would I like this framed on the wall of my home?

What is the Concept Paper

The concept paper is a document that is written by a student group that describes an innovative concept.

It explores work done by past researchers in the field, and gives the author’s opinion on the future ahead in addition to innovative ideas in building working prototypes.

Mode of Delivery

Accendere will conduct Knowledge Sessions at its Centres of Excellence, which exist across multiple locations in India. The consultants are top researchers in their field, and have extremely strong academic backgrounds. They are trained in Accendere’s mode of delivery in research that is specially designed to help school students with little background in research come up with excellent deliverables.

The Concept Paper Process

The students are formed into groups according to their choice. The groups would have a strength of 1, 2 or a maximum of 3 students. The forming of the groups will be left to the students.

The groups are exposed to three sessions of contemporary topics that expose the student to cutting edge research. The groups can then choose one of the topics projected, or any other in Conjunction with their Consultant depending on their field of interest.

The research groups shall then be exposed to recent papers that have been written in the field of their choice, and taught the essentials of paper writing.


Start 15 Days 30 Days 60 Days 120 Days 180 Days


Concept Paper Writing Process

The groups would be encouraged to come up with a 500 word non plagiarized note that describes their future work in the paper. This shall be sent to a suitable conference identified by Accendere where it may be accepted pending full paper submission. The time frame for this stage is around 60 days
The students then take some time to write the full paper that needs to be ready by the time the conference is held. The progress of the student may be monitored real time by all stakeholders using our software.


ksnMr. Krishnamoorthi Presenting at the SPIE Conference at San Diego, California.


Q What is a Conference?

A conference is an event organized in a hotel/institution that plays host to a group of eminent personalities in the field. Every conference has a theme associated with it; for example there is a conference on nanotechnology organized by IEEE – being held at Rome. People who attend the conference get a chance to rub shoulders with the best in their field of interest; and also open themselves to the wide world of possibilities.

This should also give the child a snapshot into his/her prospective career by giving him/her a forum filled with the best minds in the field.

Q What does a student see in this?

A few years from now, he/she will be taking a decision to pursue a career choice. To ensure that the student is confident about what stream they would like to pursue for the next fifty years of their life; we offer them a snapshot of the latest happenings, and the best minds in their chosen field. This ensures that they are confident about what lies in store ahead.

The Process is also extremely fun oriented, and it involves opening up closed minds to highly innovative solutions.

Q So how will the course be conducted?

The course will be directed by our experts in Research who have been trained by Accendere on implementing innovation in Schools. The sessions may be held at the school or in any other convenient location. This would be customized as per the audience in the school.

There would be a minimum of 20 sessions in person, and constant support over e-mail and video conference. It is expected to last a total of around six months.

Q Can my child produce this? I have not heard of anyone in my peer group come out with anything like this…

We are trying to change the way education works. The reason you have not heard of anyone in your peer group do it is because it is not the typical way education works around you.

To make you feel better about the integrity of the process; Accendere offers a 100% money back guaranteeif your child’s work does not result in a conference publication. This of course is subject to your child putting in the effort toward being a part of our process.

Our experience in interacting with students indicates that as long as the child takes an active part in the process, he/she will come out with something special.

Q My child is not a topper at school. He/She does not even do too well at Science. Should He/She be a part of it?

Remember that Einstein was not considered a great student at school!!

When children are exposed to something they would like to work on rather than forcing something down their throat; they perform much better. You would be surprised how well your child will do.

Given the explorative nature of learning, and exposure to International experts; this would help the child form a concrete opinion of whether they must pursue a career related to Science.

Q On what basis does Accendere target conferences? Do you have any understanding with them on acceptances?

Accendere believes in purely ethical research. We target conferences based on the quality of output produced by the student.

Our experts given their years of experience in the field are able to identify where a potential paper may be published, and communicate it accordingly. We have no prior agreements with conferences. Selections happen purely basis merit.

The best papers may also be sent to competitions that encourage research from young minds. Do lookup:


Q What are the additional costs associated with this initiative?

There are two additional costs associated with this:

  1. Conference registration expenses: International Conferences can be $300-$750 depending on the conference. Domestic Conferences may charge < $75.
  2. Travel and associated expenses: You would be given a choice on whether we need to target conferences abroad/in India. Expenses associated with this would include flights/trains and living costs for around 3 days
  3. Paper framing expenses and Shipping: Costs $10

Q Will this help my Child in admissions?

It is the dream of any University in the world to invite applicants that rank highly on Innovation. Please find below screenshots of what Universities project on their web pages, and request in their application forms:

  1. University of California – Berkeley
  2. Columbia University (New York)
  3. Application form for Texas A&Minc11
    Universities in India are also looking at Research in a big way. While Universities previously projected their placement statistics; the modern trend to measure the value of a University is by its research quotient. This is the reason why you would hear phrases like ‘A Research and Innovation Driven University’