Featured Testimonials

  1. TrishalaSherigara, ACCL00052, Bangalore, SGBT Antenna Based UWB Models for in House Device Tracking, IPN 2014

I would like to extend my immense gratitude to Accendere for appropriate guidance and help throughout my research paper.

It was because of quality of research guidance the paper was selected for publication by International Institute of Engineers (IIENG). This added to my profile.  Developing a project timeline is a cornerstone of any project management strategy. From technical glitches to human resource problems, unexpected complications can pop-up at any time, quickly throwing a research or project completion off-track.  Was able to complete my research project because of timely updation and feedback with appropriate corrections to be deleted or included.  The assurance given at the time of my accepting Accendere for doing a research project and the same to be published was really accomplished and the result will be seen when the paper will be published by IIENG and the feedback which adds an additional feather to my hat


  1. RamyaKuppili, Amarjot Dhaliwal, ACCL00061, Bangalore, Angular placement of turbines over moving train to generate drag free electricity, Active and Passive Smart Structures and Integrated Systems

Accendere has vast experience and highly technical staff; thus to my opinion they have delivered and will also deliver in future the same guidance and timely help to anyone who joins them: and this gives me an opportunity to recommend Accendere for the best quality work combined with quick response. With this am motivated and am confident of doing many more research papers.


  1. K Mugesh Kumar (Register No. 1161210002) and Twinkle Sinha (Register No. – 1161210003)

Giving the selection test for research incubator was just a formality for us. We had no serious concern for it. After being a part of it, we were provided a lot of help and excellent guidance on presenting a paper. Our guide was very approachable and he was ready to help us all the time.We are very thankful to our guide and research incubator for providing us a great exposure in the field of research and methodology.Becoming a part of the research incubator is a great help for us.We are given step by step instructions about going about a paper which is helping us in systematic working. Each detail about the research and methodology behind it; is given in order to come out with a good standard paper.


  1. M. R. Adarsh (Register No. 1041210067) and R. Karthik (Register No. 1041210047)

We know that science is a solution for every problem and it is through this research work I have got a solution to my problem.We are excited to design an earpiece that could allow people to stay connected through voice under all circumstances, and this will be an alternative to voice over internet calls.It’s been a great experience for us to learn about a device from its elementary development and we are thoroughly enjoying it. We take this opportunity to sincerely thank our college and our science communicator Dr. Ahbay Srivastava, for their support.